Mathew Kocic

Registered Agent

Born and bred in Canberra, Mathew has travelled around the globe in his former career as a semi-professional footballer. After contracts in Paris and Singapore, and completing completed a certificate III, IV & Diploma of Fitness, Mathew returned to Australia and was contracted with the South Coast Wolves in season 2013/14, NSW Premier League Division 1.

With the experience gained and lessons learnt from his playing career, Mathew utilises this drive and determination into his work with an objective to succeed and achieve results. After working as an Associate Property Manager in Wollongong for 2.5 years, Mathew has returned to Canberra driven by his passion for Sales.

If I wasn’t in Real Estate I would be…. Working in a job that has an aspect which revolves around interacting with others as it’s a big part of my personality in who I am.

The person I admire the most is…. Would be split across 4 different people:

• Sir Alex Ferguson – Ex Manchester united football manager who had excellent leadership, mentality and people skills, he was always able to get the best performance out of all players and members in his squad and staff. He is known as one of the greatest football managers to have ever graced the game.

• Nemanja Vidic – Ex Manchester united football player who always gave 100% in every game, a player who truly wore his heart on his sleeve. His best recognised quote “You can fix a broken nose, but you can never fix you’re pride”

• My parents – Over my entire life they have been the two people I’ve always turned to, giving me support, guidance, motivation and pushing me to bring the best out of myself. Support like this is priceless and is something I am always grateful to have.

I bought my first house…. this is a current goal of mine to buy my first property within the next 2 years.

I had the time of my life when…. Between January 2012 – June 2013 I lived in both Paris and Singapore where I was a semi professional football (soccer) player. The memories and life experience I got during this time was truly amazing as growing up it had always been a childhood dream of mine.

My favourite pastime is…. Playing football (soccer) or golf and spending time relaxing with family or friends.

Life is…. Too short to think about the what if moments and the chances you didn’t take, every second that goes by is time we can’t take back. It’s better to look ahead then back and enjoy the present instead of dwelling on past events, opportunities will always come if we are actively productive and willing to take chances.

My motto in life is…. Time chasing dreams is time never wasted.