Rachel Bee

Director of First Impressions

Rachel was born in South Australia and resides in the North side of Canberra with her two boys. She joined the royal Australian Navy and had the chance to reside in many parts of Australia. She has enjoyed working in customer service and a passion for Real Estate which stems from moving around other states in Australia renovating and selling homes.

If I wasn’t in Real Estate I would be…. A Personal Trainer

The person I admire the most is… My mum

I bought my first house…. In 2000

I had the time of my life when… I traveled to Vietnam for 12 days with my mother

Over the years I have learnt… To not take life so seriously, enjoy and smell the roses, look at a sunset

My favourite pastimes are… Going to the gym, dinner with family and friends and the movies

Life is… Too short, you need to participate in life and not be a spectator

If you… Had your chance again I would have started in Real estate earlier

My motto in life is… ’This too Shall Pass”

My Awards

  • Annual NSW/ACT - Top Director of First Impressions - Aug 2018